How to measure blood pressure

You can often hear that people have blood pressure problems. When we use the term blood pressure, we usually have arterial blood pressure in mind. Every person can measure their own blood pressure, as it is one of the vital signs which indicate that we are in fact alive. When we put our finger at some point of our body to feel the vital signs, the blood pressure is the one that maintains our circulatory system in check.

Two types of blood pressure

When measuring the blood pressure, the important thing to keep in mind is that there are two measurements that we should take into account. The blood pressure’s values can differ during a day. There are many factors that can affect the results of measuring. There are two main values we are usually measuring. Those are: the highest value, which is professionally referred to as systolic pressure, and of course the lowest value which doctors usually calls diastolic blood pressure. Both values are important, and too high or too low blood pressure is not good. Usually people with high blood pressure have bigger medical problems, but low blood pressure is also not without its drawbacks. The amplitude value, or in another words the mathematic difference between the highest and lowest values, is also something that you should pay attention to when measuring your arterial blood pressure.


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