Windows 8 for dummies

With the release of the new operating system from Microsoft, the Windows 8, a Windows 8 for dummies book was also published. Following the same proven approach to readers, with simple instructions that are easy to follow and understand, the book is a must for everyone who is planning to switch to the new OS; or for the ones who have already made the switch but find themselves struggling with the new interface. Microsoft made a radical change in their latest version of Windows and they have introduced the new Windows 8 style interface that is also called “Metro”. When you first start the new OS, you will soon see that almost everything has changed and you have a lot to learn from the beginning, such as using gestures among other things.

This is where the Windows 8 for Dummies comes in really handy, as it will take you step by step through many changes and features introduced with Windows 8. With Windows 8 for Dummies next to your computer, you don’t need to fear the changes, as you will master the new OS with each chapter you read. The book also gives you handy advices and shortcuts you could use; which will, in the end, increase your productivity when using the new OS. The book is already available for purchase and can be bought online, in your local bookstore or some computer hardware stores. If you have read some of the previous books from the “For Dummies” series, you most likely already know what to expect. If this will be your first one, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.


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