Stay healthy!

I love the feeling when I exit my medical practitioner’s office with the news that I am completely healthy and that my body obeys my orders. I try to eat as healthy food as I can and I workout three times per week. I began to take a great care about my body and my overall health approximately five years ago when one day I looked myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw: I was overweight. I went to the doctor’s office, I wanted to run some test, which ultimately revealed that I had increased blood pressure, blood sugar and my body fat index was well beyond the one that someone my height should have.

I had to work on my biggest soft spot if I wanted my new me project to succeed: I had to stop eating fast-food and sweets. I knew that I had to cut the root at its problem, so whenever I went at the grocery market, I decided to stay away from the tempting food and avoid having that kind of food in my house. I bought a new pair of running shoes as well as matching sweatshirt and I started jogging each morning. In just 4 months in the healthiest possible way, I managed to lose more than 3 pounds. Now, whenever I look myself at the mirror I find myself to be more confident and I feel good in my own skin. If you want to learn more about the healthy way of life, please visit this link:



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