History of Kia Borrego 2012

Korean car manufacturer Kia increased its popularity in the SUV segment worldwide with the production of the famous Kia Borrego in 2009. Unlike Kia Sportage and Kia Sorrento, the production of Kia Borrego did not bring any considerable success to the company. However, despite the fact that it does not enjoyed any great success on the market, Kia decided to take a step further in its presentation to the world. Kia Borrego 2012 has arrived. Although this model is very young in this segment, it shows resistance to its competitors. By releasing this model, Kia shows that their team is ready to face the other competitors by offering great design and immaculate performance in combination with a highly affordable price. It is very early to speak about Borrego’s success; however, its arrival on the market cannot pass unnoticed.

Kia Borrego 2012

Kia Borrego , which is known as Kia Mojave in North America, does not have a long history on the market. As it has been already stated, it made its debut in 2009. Kia Borrego 2009 is a luxurious SUV and it is the first SUV designed by Peter Schreyer, a famous car designer who started his career in Audi and came in Kia in 2008. Borrego’s concept was presented for the first time in 2005. The serial production of the car started shortly after that and it was first available on the American and Korean markets. Since the car proved to be total failure on both markets, Kia decided to stop its production and introduced Sorrento as a legitimate descendant of Borrego. However, Kia determined to try and launch Borrego once more. Kia Mojave or Kia Borrego 2012 is re-launched again. You can find more info on Kia Borrego if you visit this site http://gearheads.org/


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