The importance of being ranked first on Google search results

Google is like an answer machine. Every time an Internet user wants to find something, Google is the first (and in most situations the only) source. When you are looking for some information online, you will type a keyword or phrase on Google and this search engine will go through billions of documents just to give you back only the useful and relevant results which will answer your query. Those results are ranked in terms of perceived usefulness, because Google is searching for websites that will be relevant for your search. That relevance is influenced by hundreds of factors and it is definitely not easy to get your website to appear first on Google search results. The way people interact with Google is simple: they type a few keywords, Google provides them with results ranked by relevance and the searchers usually find what they need in the first three results of the listing.

If you take a look at the broad picture of Google usage, it is fascinating but very simple: the unwritten rules require your website to be listed first in the search results in order to receive the most traffic and become more popular and more profitable. You can make the best looking and most informative website on the Internet, something like organic SEO services, but if your content doesn’t have the proper structure that will be easy for Google to understand and identify, your website won’t be a huge success. You need to understand the limitations and abilities of Google and use them to build your website properly for this search engine to spit it out as the first result according to a certain keyword search. Without that kind of optimization, your website won’t be listed in the first page of Google’s results and it will remain invisible to the grand audience.


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