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Fortunately, it’s very easy to hide a hickey. This works great as a temporary solution in case you need to get rid of it for a special occasion such as a job interview or an exam. You can use powder or even clothes to make it much less visible. Facial powder is a great solution for this and you can practically get rid of a hickey completely, at least on a visual basis. It’s still going to be noticeable, but the observer will really need to stare in it to notice it, and even if anyone notices it, it wouldn’t look as a hickey at all anymore, perhaps more like a born-in skin mark.

Preventing hickeys

I know, I know, sometimes you can’t prevent hickeys since they just – happen. But still, if you have an important meeting the next day, it’s best to stay away from such marks so ask your partner politely to stop! There are other ways to express passionate love…


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