How to Pick Up Girls?

You see the most beautiful girl and you suddenly wish to get to know her, hang out with her, date her, break up with her, get back together again, marry her, have kids with her and grow old with her. If so, you must act quickly because if you don’t, it might be a now or never situation and you might never see this girl again. Using the best techniques on “how to pick up girls”, you will definitely make a good impression which can lead to a great outcome. After all, all women are receptive to a pleasant and confident man. Eliminate your fear of rejection and be confident. If you are slouching and stammering, you will appear as a creepy guy. Avoid cliché pick up lines like “There is something on your chest: my eyes” or “I hope firemen are around, because you are hot!”

how to pick up girls

Guys, stupid pick up lines do not work and never will! They get stale, they are totally unnatural and we, the girls, know that you are nervous; we are much better at “sensing” things than you. Expressing yourself honestly and being spontaneous is way easier. Be funny, tell jokes and keep the mood upbeat. Girls are attracted to guys with a good sense of humor. Make the girl laugh, show interest in her life and listen to her. I know you are wondering what type of interesting things can happen in a kitchen, but we have lives away from our kitchens, you know! We love when you guys listen to our boring things and we will appreciate you much more if you show some respect for our interests!


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