Locating mobile phones

It’s a matter of prestige and style nowadays to have a really good cell phone. Precisely such devices are the target of thieves and bullies. So what happens when you lose a cell phone or it gets stolen? A friend of mine had his phone stolen one night and first thing we did is head over to the police station. Chances are, the thief ditched the SIM card but do not despair. I know of various methods by which a phone can be traced, some do not even require it to have an active SIM card inside. If you got your phone from a network provider, like I get all of mine, it further simplifies the thing. You see, they keep track of something called IMEI and based on that, they can detect your phone anywhere as long as it is within any network range.

Locating mobile phones

Via a method called triangulation, they can pinpoint your phone down to 50 meter accuracy, even more if the phone has some form of GPS turned on. With GPS even, you can literally find your phone even if it is on Mount Everest, but it has to be activated. Locating mobile phones is not hard at all and most problems arise if a person knows nothing about their phone other than what model it was. Keeping a track of a phone specs, especially IMEI can save everyone a lot of trouble. As I said, I get my phones from a network provider and within the contract, they always write down IMEI because of the warranty and other things and that’s a great way to keep a phone protected. You can find more about this topic on the site http://mobilspionage.de


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