Scrabble word cheat

Many people love playing Scrabble, but some of them are so addicted to the game that they want to play it even when they don’t have company. The Internet has provided them with the opportunity to play this game anytime, using their computers and mobile phones, but it has also provided them with the possibility to cheat. Steven Alexander maintains an informative website for competitive players of Scrabble and he says that the electronic assistants, like mobile phones, can be concealed while playing because they are small enough. Many players use that opportunity and they use their mobile phones for scrabble word cheat. If you are playing in a group, you should make sure to turn off all mobile phones in order to keep the players from cheating by checking the word spelling. Another way of cheating in Scrabble is by printing tracking sheets of words that have been played previously, and looking at them during the game. Using these sheets violates the Scrabble game rules and it definitely counts as cheating, since the players get ideas from those tracking sheets and use them on their next turn. As an addition to that, the group of players shouldn’t allow riffling through the sheets of the previous games and they shouldn’t be allowed to leave the room in order to check spellings. A dictionary should be provided for that purpose. If you want to play Scrabble in its full potential and experience the real fun it can provide for your time with family and friends, you should definitely set the rules and make sure that everyone follows them properly.


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