Runescape Bots

Even if most people think that gamers are no lifers, this is more false than you can imagine. Gamers, especially when playing online games, communicate quite a lot, use different voice chat clients to communicate more easily and coordinate themselves for fights, and some of them who meet online become very good friends, some even find girlfriends and boyfriends this way. Even if many gamers think that gamer girls aren’t really that common, there are more girls playing games than they might imagine. Problem is, they aren’t easy to spot, as you can’t really tell what gender hides behind an ingame character. Take Runescape for example. It’s an MMO, and many people play it. When you start playing it, you will be required to make a character. You can choose to play a male or a female character, and there are many guys who play females, as well as girls who play male characters. This depends on their personal taste really. People usually communicate via an ingame chat in Runescape. If you see your friend online, and he isn’t responding, but his character is moving, it doesn’t mean he is ignoring you; he may be using runescape bots to do the boring work for him. Just check with him a bit later, and he will probably reply. Many people use bots in order to eliminate the parts of game they consider uninteresting, and many thing it’s not interesting to repeat a certain action over and over again. Some games allow them, others not so much, so check if you can use them when playing a certain game.



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