Dealing with car batteries

We all know that our cars have batteries and that a car can’t operate without a car battery, but hardly anyone would be able to say that s/he knows everything, or at least a lot, about batteries. The internet, of course, is a valuable source of information, but the information you find in most texts and articles are too basic, or too complex, or even worse – wrong. It is no wonder that you often feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. First things first, though. One curious fact about car batteries is that the most common type of a car battery, the lead acid battery has been used for more than a century. The basic principle of the chemical reaction is, more or less, the same as the one of the batteries utilized by our grand grandparents. Understanding the basic principles does not only mean that you have gained extra knowledge, it also means, that you’ll have less problems with your car battery.

You have to charge your battery!

Now, the basic thing that you have to know is that if you use the battery too often without charging it, it’ll soon be empty. Pretty simple, isn’t it?! Unfortunately a lot of people forget it. And the fact that modern-day cars are too demanding, and those electronics necessitate a strong source of electric power. Not only your electronics may not work if your battery isn’t charged, but some of the components may even break. The lifespan of batteries today is shorter simply because, the use is more frequent. So, don’t listen to a person that is driving an older car with less electronics. That’s why, even when you are not sure that the battery is fully discharged, you should take your 12V battery charger and do what you have to do, it’s as simple as that. Whether it will last four years, or less than a year, nobody knows, but there are certain factors that might influence the length of the life of your car battery.

Car battery safety

The life of the battery, isn’t as important as your life, therefore, always consider your own safety when you are dealing with batteries. First, take off all the jewelry you have on, because it might melt. Secondly, safety goggles are a must, because batteries can be like bombs, you never know when they can explode, and sulfuric acid is no fun for the eyes.  Next, never put on fancy clothes when you are dealing with batteries, the sulfuric acid melts everything, especially cotton. When you are cleaning your battery, you should utilize a solution of baking soda and water. You also need to clean the cable connections, and make sure that everything is connected tightly after the cleaning. You’ll be surprised how often the loose connections are the cause of problems.

Testing your car battery

Also, you may want to test your battery and its performances. The best way to do so is by computing the specific gravity and the voltage of the battery. You can use a compensating hydrometer to calculate the gravity and a digital voltmeter is what you need for measuring the voltage.


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